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DEARBORN HEIGHTS: Pure Pastures-East features all organic, Michigan made foods

Pure Pastures-East marks the second location for owner Garry Kuneman who opened Natural Food Local Express in Plymouth in 2010. With the opening of the Dearborn Heights store, Kuneman decided to change the name of his franchise to Pure Pastures East and West in order to better reflect the company’s core mission of selling naturally raised meats, eggs and other products from Michigan farmers.

Second Wave Media

Natural Food Express to add second location in Dearborn Heights

A growing market and interest in locally-sourced food, organic food and knowing where your food comes from has Garry Kuneman expanding his business, adding a new location and bringing new products to customers. Kuneman, who worked the farmer's market circuit for 10 years, opened his Natural Food Local Express in Plymouth in July 2010. It didn't take him long to see that demand would lead to a second location.


Plymouth Store Owner Brings Michigan-Grown Meats, Other Products To Plymouth Farmers Market

Being an independent businessman himself, Garry Kuneman understands the importance of supporting others trying to make a go of it in a tough Michigan economy. A year ago, he opened a small storefront business - Natural Local Food Express - in Plymouth that offers sustainable healthy products mainly produced statewide.