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Our Products

You can visit our stores in Plymouth and Dearborn to purchase any of our amazing, farm to table products.
If you have any questions about what we offer, please don't hesitate to call us and ask!

Plymouth: (734) 927-6951

Dearborn: (313) 406-6282

What You'll Find At Our Stores

Grass Fed Offers

Beef | Pork | Buffalo | Lamb | Venison | Rabbit | Duck | Pheasant | Elk | Wild Boar | Ground Ostrich | Cornish Hen

Free Range Offers

Chicken | Turkey

Soy-Free Offers

Chicken | Turkey | Eggs

Local Pastured, Non-GMO Offers

Eggs | Quail Eggs | Duck Eggs | EMU Eggs

Great Lakes Fish Offers

Walleye | Whitefish | Perch | Trout | Salmon

Organic Produce, Dairy & Groceries

Large Cheese Selection | Paleo Friendly/Gluten-free Selection | Bones For Broth (Chicken, Buffalo, Beef) | Local Honey & Maple Syrup

Wild Caught (No Gill Nets! No Farmed Fish!)

Scallops | Shrimp | Octopus | Clams | Flounder | Cod | Salmon (Sockeye, Coho, Chinook) | Mahi-Mahi