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Our Partner Farms

Yale, Michigan

C. Roy INC.

C. Roy Inc. Is a family owned and operated meat packing company that has been providing professional processing and butchering services since 1922. The company was originally known as C. Roy & Sons, as Cecil Roy and his three sons owned and operated the business. Today Dick & Nancy Roy, along with their daughter Jen Roy, own and operate the business now known as C. Roy, Inc. C-Roy does beef and pork processing for us.

Cass County, Michigan

Jake's Country Meats

Nate and Lou Ann Robinson have been farming in Cass County Michigan for over 40 years. Nate is a sixth generation farmer on the same farm. He is part of a lineage of farmers dedicated to agriculture and preserving it for future generations. In order to remain a sustainable farm, the Robinson family created Jake's Country Meats to bring high quality and trustworthy food products straight to the consumer. Jake's believes in connecting people to their food.

Adrian, Michigan

Garno Farms

We raise chickens and turkeys on our farm in Adrian, MI. All of our birds are fed daily with feed that we mix ourselves. A combination of whole grains, fresh and dried vegetables and greens, and herbal supplements. One such supplement they use is kelp, for the minerals and iodine it provides. The birds require a whole variety of foods, much like humans, to be healthy and nourishing.

La Grange, Indiana

The Old Home Place / Henry’s Farm

The Old Home Place is run by Henry and his 7 children, located in Amish country just over the Michigan border.  Henry provides us with free range/pastured eggs that are non-GMO, as well as ground chicken and beef.  His cows roam on pasture, eating only grass.  All work is done by hand, as there is no electricity, no phones, cars, tv, video games or air conditioning.

Pelican, Alaska

Shoreline Wild Salmon

Our business is based near the coast of Southeast Alaska in the small town of Pelican.  We are dedicated to providing hook-and-line caught wild salmon from the icy waters of Alaska to your dinner table by expanding our presence to communities throughout Michigan, increasing the accessibility of our high-quality wild and sustainably-fished salmon.

It is our hope to bridge the gap between Alaskan fisherman and consumers of Alaskan salmon by sharing the very resource that has become a staple to our lives, as well as sharing our own stories and experiences of working in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska.  We are passionate about the work we do, and we handle our salmon as if they are going directly into the hands of our own family and friends.

Burlington, Michigan

HiDay Family Farm

Dan Hiday has owned 155 acres in Burlington since 1987, and practices Joel Salatin's 100% grass fed guidelines.  His primary product is Medeterranian yogurt, garnered from his small group of dairy cows at his Certified Organic farm.  Dan is considered an expert in his field, and is called upon by many others for advice and guidance.  In addition to dairy, he has pastured, grass fed beef and Mangalitsa pork.

Rudyard, Michigan

Circle K Buffalo

Located in the beautiful Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we have been raising grass-fed and hormone-free American bison and Highland cattle since 1988.  We sell our meat wholesale and retail all around Michigan.

Howell, Michigan

Cross W Ranch

We are dedicated to raising the healthiest and cleanest animals. From soil enhancement to water quality, we focus on all aspects of improving the land to make our ranch sustainable.
​Our beef, lamb, chicken, and pork are raised humanely and ethically on certified organic pastures to provide the highest quality meat. We also offer wild caught Salmon and White Fish from the Straights o​f Mackinaw that shares our high quality standards to provide you with the cleanest fish Michigan can offer.

Bay Port, Michigan

Bay Port Fish Company

The Bay Port Fish Company is a commercial fishery in Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay, established in 1895. It has been operated by many owners, and it is currently owned by Tod Williams and Forrest Williams’ heirs. The fishery has been operated by the Williams family for over 40 years. The Williams family purchased it from Henry Englehard in 1978 and has run the fishery ever since.

Dexter, Michigan

N Kids Farm

Our farm specializes in producing meat, eggs, and wool from a diverse collection of animals that are raised without the use of growth promoting anitibiotics or artificial hormones. Be sure to check out our animals and husbandry practices to learn more about the breeds of animals and how we raise them. We are happy to sell meat by the cut as well as by the whole, half, and quarter animals.

Detroit, Michigan

Brightmoor Flower Farm

BFF occupies the space of three city lots that overlook the Rouge River and watershed in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. With over an acre of land, our bright blooms share space with wild, forested land that support an incredibly diverse and beautiful ecosystem. Many native plants attract all types of pollinators as well as support the wildlife passing through from the 250 acre park across the river: Eliza Howell. BFF grows over a hundred varieties of annual and perennial flowers from April to October.

Washtenaw County, Michigan

1913 Water

1913 Water is a PREMIUM MICHIGAN product drawn from America's 1st Approved Artesian Spring Water Source on a Registered Organic Farm. Named for the year the 1st well was dug by hand, our water is bottled at the source by hand in small batches in GLASS BOTTLES in order to retain it's natural integrity, full bodied taste AND to avoid the environmental and health-risk factors associated with plastic bottles.

Ravenna, Michigan

Creswick Farms

Our philosophy is that if the animals eat it – it is not a weed. Additionally, we believe that certain plants exist in soils to serve a purpose, and animals select them based on their individual needs. Additionally, our pastures are from the natural seed bank exists in our soils and have grown in our climate for time eternal. We let our animals express their characteristics and do what comes naturally and do not force our animals into an environment that is unsuited for them.

With our meats being the basis for our Bacons, Hams and Sausages, we use the finest and cleanest spices and herbs available – Simple, True and Essential to delight the senses. Our products are Nitrite/Nitrate, MSG, Soy and Preservative Free and are created within our own facility and smokehouses for quality control! We also sell eggs!